Using Google Apps With vBulletin

It is increasingly simple to host a web server from home today. If back in the day you were worried about properly setting up MX records, Reverse PTR (in addition to standard requirements such as Apache, MySQL, SSH for any web server), just to make sure your emails are delivered, today we’ve got Google Apps.

There are many reasons as to why you would want your emails delivered by Google mail out of which reliability and being able to send/receive emails even if your web server is down is the number one (assuming your DNS is managed by a 3rd party).

Recently I switched one of my vBulletin based websites to use Google mail to deliver notification emails to users. The process and settings are relatively simple. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

First of all, visit Google Apps website and register your domain (it’s free). After registration, you will be asked to verify the ownership of your domain. Luckily, Google will walk you through the process. Once you’ve verified your domain, you will be presented with a choice to setup Google apps. The one we are interested in is email. Follow the instructions to setup MX records with your domain registrar and come back here. I’ll wait.

By the way, if you prefer to setup your MX records manually, here is the list of all of them from Google:

Next, login to your vBulletin Admin panel and navigate to Settings > Options > Email Options. Here you will change your settings to use Google mail.

Save your setting and navigate to Maintenance > Diagnostics. Here you can test your settings by using Email tool. Simply enter the email address you have access to and click ‘Send’. If everything is OK, you should receive a test email from your vBulletin forum letting you know that everything works well.

Using Google Apps With vBulletin