Swift Generics – Cache

Generics are awesome. In fact, they are insanely cool when it comes to writing reusable code. To demonstrate their usefulness, let’s build a generic Cache storage.

Our cache should meet the following requirements:

  • Should be fast (read, write) – O(1)
  • Support hashable data type (NSData, UIImage, String, Int, etc)
  • Support custom size to allow for initialization based on memory limitations
  • Should keep track and clear out oldest objects before adding new ones
  • Should keep recently accessed data by marking it as the most recent

Before writing code, let’s talk about implementation. For starters, I will use a dictionary to store the actual data. Reason behind using a dictionary (or a hash table) should be rather obvious… both the lookup and insertion of data takes constant time. This will be especially useful when dealing with large cache size.

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Swift Generics – Cache