MacPaw Gemini Review

There are a lot of apps on the Mac App Store that promise to free up more space on your hard drive by finding and removing duplicate files. While I am not going to mention them all, I would still like to talk about MacPaw Gemini.

If you are a Mac owner, chances are, you’ve heard about the MacPaw and used their software before. Software such as CleanMyMac, which is one of my favorites of all times, is used by me on a regular basis to clean up trash files, cache, and other unnecessary files; it works miracles.

So let’s talk about Gemini.

First of all, it is a beautiful piece of software; designed well for ease of use. It inevitably reminds me of iTunes, xCode, or anything Apple itself would design. That’s a good thing.

When you first open Gemini, you will be presented with the screen where you can add folders or complete drives for inspection. Gemini promises to find all the duplicates hiding in selected folder(s) or drive and allow you to delete any of them. Fun part is reading things such as “Building a space ship” while Gemini scans for dupes or “Watcha want – burn your dupes or disembowel’em?” if it finds any. Clever.

When the scan is complete, you are presented with the list of duplicate files you can check and delete. You then can ether mass delete selected files, or go through them each individually. Gemini will make sure that at least one instance of each file will be kept safe.

Like with any app that deletes files from your computer, you have to be careful. After scanning my home folder, which took about 30 seconds (time is subjective as it depends on the amount of files Gemini needs to scan), Gemini happily reported 490 MB of duplicates.

Upon reviewing, I discovered that few of those files were not in fact duplicates. They all shared the same name such as “Default@2x.png” or similar but were part of a different xCode project. They were also files of different size. Important to note that this behavior was only observed when scanning my xCode projects.

Previous example led me to conclude that while this app tries its best to do the heavy lifting of finding duplicates and allowing you to mass delete them, sometimes it fails. It is always a good idea to review the results before hitting “delete”. Mass delete can be a blessing and a curse.

Overall I love Gemini. It accomplishes task impossible to do manually. While it is possible to buy a similar app cheaper, Gemini is hands down the best choice.

Verdict: If you like to keep your Mac clean from duplicate files, Gemini will prove itself invaluable. It costs $9.99 and is available on the Mac App Store.

MacPaw Gemini Review